The hidden value of adversity

Though it doesn't seem like it at the time, difficulties can be positive. We've all had those experiences when we failed at something in life, whether it was a minor disappointment such as a test at school or being rejected for a thing we wanted very badly, such as a promotion or a position. In that moment everything seems to come crashing down around us, and we may wind up in the pits. We can feel overwhelmed by feelings discouragement. As difficult as it may be, we should not give in to negative assessments. The main thing is not to panic. Just try to breathe and relax, and not think too much about the outcome if possible. Never make any decision when you are distressed or discouraged. Postpone making plans until you are more rested and regain your balance. Try to focus on positive thoughts and spend time if possible with people who give you joy, or doing something that you enjoy. Anxiety in the heart weighs one down, but a good word makes one glad, according

Keep an Open Mind

"Curiosity killed the cat," This old proverb warns that too much exploration or experimentation may be dangerous. Presumably the opposite, being incurious or not open to learning new things is a wiser course. So is it better to have a closed mind and play it safe? Some play on fears of the unknown and try to limit information and learning because they want to control others. While we may not always agree with what we find, it is better to listen and try to understand differing points of view. I've always been curious and enjoy learning new things. I try to remind myself that I can learn something from everyone I meet. The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's open. Keeping an open mind will get you farther in life.

What are the best consumer review sites

When it comes to making buying decisions, the typical consumer faces a dizzying array of choices. Starting with advertising, which floods the airwaves and internet, we can be bombarded by hundreds of messages each day.  In self defense, we do our best to ignore most of them. One way to get information of course, is through our social networks, where we can discuss our needs among friends and family. Besides the obvious social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are also neighborhood list serves and groups where you can ask questions and share information. Now that Google and other search engines have skewed their searches to favor advertisers, it can take a bit longer to dig through all the clutter and find what we want. When I recently went searching, I looked at a number of the top-ranked sites out there for consumer research. The list is not exhaustive. My for ranking would be overall usefulness and benefit to the user. As I practice mindfulness, I le